How To Unlock The Secret Fortune Contained Within Your Email List

Whether You Have Several Thousands Of Subscribers On Your Email Database ... Or You're Just Getting Started... With The Email Marketing Game Plan On Your Side, You'll Discover How To Quickly Tap Into A Virtual Goldmine Of Hidden Profits That You Never Knew Existed

CA-Gold-Rush_jpgPicture it...

It’s California, 1848. A man by the name of James. W. Marshall finds gold in Coloma. Word spreads quickly. In a matter of just a few years over 300,000 people will flood California to look for their fortune.

The first prospectors had it easy. Gold was everywhere and easy to find. Heck, all you had to do was dig with your hands to find it. If you didn’t have a pan for prospecting, even a kitchen bowl would do.

But soon all the easy pickings were gone. Those who came without the right tools couldn’t access the gold that was hidden behind hard rocks. The only ones who discovered gold and struck it rich were those with the sophisticated tools and skills needed to extract large volumes of gold in hard-to-reach places.

You know what? That’s exactly what’s happening today for those who’re using email marketing to build their businesses…

The Only Business Owners Making 'Big Money' From Email Marketing Today Are the Ones Who're Using The Right Tools... And Are Also Following A Proven Strategy...

And the good news is that you’re about to get your hands on these tools and strategies!

Think about it…

Back in the 1990s it was ridiculously easy to make money with a mailing list.

Email was a new-fangled invention and folks signed up for newsletters like crazy because they loved getting email. What’s more, they read every single email they received.

In fact the first ever product I ever sold online was about making money with email... and how one young man called Corey Rudl from Vancouver had sent out just one email to his list and brough back in returns of $183,000 in the 7 days that followed.

Talk about a gold rush.

For email marketers like Corey, it was like standing in a California river in 1848 – all you had to do was reach down and grab a handful of gold.

Today it’s all different. Your prospects are tired of email. They guard their addresses like a hungry guard dog protects a juicy steak. Their inboxes are overflowing, their time is short, and so they trash dozens of emails daily without even looking at them. (perhaps most of your email messages are sitting in their trash folder unread right now?)

Simply put…

If Your Autoresponder Subscribers Aren't Even Opening Your Emails, Then It's No Surprise You're Not Making The Kind Of Money You Should Be Online...

That’s why Job #1 is for you to get people to open your emails. Job #2 is to get them to read the entire email. And Job #3 is to get them to click on the links in your emails and buy what you’re selling.

If you’re not making as much money as you should be with your list, then something is wrong. And I’m here to help you fix it.

Introducing: The 'Email Marketing Game Plan' - a Jam Packed Course and Template Package That Gives Your EVERYTHING You Need To Start Creating Killer Emails That Your Subscribers Will Be Keen To Open, Read, Click On and Buy From!

Listen, this isn’t just some cheap ebook from someone without any experience of selling online or marketing with email. – Instead this is a professional four-module home study course that includes tips, tricks and strategies for creating a highly responsive mailing list from someone that has walked-the-talk and has been marketing online since July 2001. In that time I have sold over $14 Million Dollars worth of products and services online.

And as you are about to find out, within The Email Marketing Game Plan package you’ll even receive dozens of my proven email templates to help you create compelling subject lines and emails which will sell your products like crazy too...

Before we go any further, let's take a look at everything you'll get instant access to when you order the eMail Marketing Game Plan today…

Module 1. Email Messaging Psychology - How To Get Your Subscribers To Eagerly Await, Then Open, Read And Take Action


This is the 'core training' of the package where you’ll find out everything you need to know about creating effective, revenue-boosting emails, including:

  • You’ll discover 9 surefire secrets for getting subscribers to eagerly open every single one of your emails – these tips work for everybody, no matter what you’re selling!
  • You’ll find out how to create the type of newsletter that everyone wants to subscribe to and everyone can’t wait to read!
  • You’ll get five tips for creating compelling subject lines – watch your open rate soar once you start using them!
  • You’ll find out which 2 components every subject line must have – if you don’t include at least one of these components, your emails won’t get opened. Period.
  • You’ll get 25 amazingly effective “plug and play” subject line templates – now creating your own click-inducing subject lines is easier than ever!
  • We’ll dissect the 7 essential parts of a sales email to make it easy for you to create your own high-response emails – this surefire formula works no matter who’s on your list and no matter what you’re selling!
  • You’ll discover a surefire way to 'hook readers' in the first few lines of your email and keep them hanging eagerly on your every word!
  • You’ll find out how to uncover and share the “hidden benefit” of an offer – this is what turns readers into rabid buyers!
  • You’ll get a nifty trick for cracking even the hardest prospects and putting them in a buying mood!
  • You’ll learn the #1 strategy for getting subscribers to click the “buy now” button immediately!
  • You’ll find out why an overlooked part of your email is actually the most important component of all – and how to use it for maximum profit!
  • You’ll get a complete email sales copy template – just 'fill in the blanks' to create your own high-response sales letter in a matter of minutes!

And much, much more – everything you need to know about creating emails that your subscribers will want to open, read and most importantly... BUY FROM!

Module 2. Email Opening Hooks - A Swipe File Of 75 "Copy & Paste" Opening Paragraphs To Hook Your Reader's Attention & Reel Them In.


Do you know why some emails almost never get read?

Answer: Because reading them is as boring as watching grass grow.

If you want to create riveting emails, then you need to do something different – tell a story, share a quote, create an analogy. And that’s exactly what these 75 emails starters do. This set includes quotes, weird facts, sports trivia, info about famous people and much more.

Just "copy and paste" any one of these 'email hooks' into the beginning of your email, write the rest of your email and send it off to your list – you’ll be amazed at how well these hooks engage your audience!

Here’s why you’ll love these opening email hooks:

  • You’ll save time using these hooks. No more staring at a blank screen as you struggle to come up with an email idea – just drop a hook in and let it lead you to writing a highly engaging email!
  • These hooks really engage your audience. They’ll work to draw your readers into your email like metal shavings to a magnet. Getting people to read your emails will never have been easier!
  • You can use these opening email hooks in any niche. Whether you’re catering to people who want to lose weight, dog owners, people who suffer from allergies, bankers or anyone else, you’ll find plenty of starters to engage your audience.
  • There’s something for everyone. From quotes to sports trivia to science to pop culture, these hooks appeal to a wide variety of interests. Your readers will love them!

Here’s just one example:

No one is perfect…

Did you ever watch the Indiana Jones movies?

They starred Harrison Ford as Indiana, an archeologist who went on some pretty fantastic adventures. Indiana Jones was the hero, as he was always thinking up clever ways to escape a situation, save someone or even fight off a gang of bad guys.

However, Indiana wasn’t perfect. Turns out he was afraid of snakes. That fact made for some comical moments in the movies. But it also made Indiana human… simply because there’s not a person on this planet who’s perfect.

That never stopped Indiana. And it shouldn’t stop you either.

[Transition to how you don’t have to be perfect to accomplish some niche specific goal.]

The point is, using the right tools makes it easy for you to develop effective email marketing campaigns that get subscribers to open, begin reading.. and end up buying as a result of receiving one of your emails. And that’s why you also get a second set of templates…

Module 3. Email Promo To Go - A Set Of 50 "Fill In The Blanks" Promotional Email Templates That Can't But Help To Bring In Additional Sales


You’ll get everything from reminders to promotional emails to announcement templates in this 50 part email template set. Just fill in a few blanks, sign your name and send it out to your list.

You’ll create emails in just a few minutes – it’s easy!

You can use these “plug and play” emails in a variety of ways, including:

  • Boost your sales using the promotional templates.
  • Whet your readers’ appetites for an upcoming product launch.
  • Remind your readers of an approaching deadline to encourage them to buy now.
  • Announce a viral contest to grow your subscriber base.

Let me give you an example template to show you just how easy it is to compose emails using these templates:



What would you do if [something good happened]?

Hi [First Name],

Imagine this…

You [do something, like write a novel]. A short time later, you [get a good result, like hit the bestseller list].

Sound impossible, or at least a little unlikely?

It’s not. And that’s because all you need to know to [get a good result] is inside this [book, video, webinar, etc]: [link].

Get yours now and you’ll discover:

  • How to [get a benefit].
  • The #1 way to [get another benefit].
  • The secret of [getting a good result].

And much more. Check it out now at: [link] – you’re going to like what it does for you!

[sign off]

P.S. Act now and you’ll also get [another benefit] – go to: [link]


Bottom line: there’s something suitable in this "copy and paste" template pack for just about every occasion, and you can use these 50 templates to save time whenever you need to compose an email!

Module 4. Email Promo Ideas Factory - 52 Engaging Ways To Create Promotional Email Offers Your Subscribers Can't Help But Sit Up & Take Action From


There are literally dozens and dozens of different ideas for creating promotional offers that get orders fast. In this module, we'll highlight the TOP 52 WAYS, including lots of examples to get your creative juices flowing fast!

One of the best ways to keep your newsletter subscribers excited and paying attention is by sending them a variety of emails – and that includes sending them a variety of promotional offers too.

To that end, you’re about to discover
52 promotional offers to send to your list.

In the first half of this report you’ll discover 26 different ways to create promotional offers based on contests, bonus incentives, discounts, special sales and a whole lot more.

In the second half of the report we’ll focus on incentives, where you’ll discover 26 clever ways to use discounts and bonuses to create excitement and boost your conversion rates.

  • This module provides you with a new and fresh way to get people to buy from you every single week of the year!
  • These are time-tested, proven-to-work methods that I have personally been using for more than a decade to get orders!
  • You can use these strategies to create a powerful, ongoing promotional punch for your favorite product or service - watch your conversion rates soar as you combine these ideas week after week! Or...
  • You can use these order-producing ideas for one-off promotions for a variety of products and services, or mix-n-match them in any way you choose to get sales for an entire arsenal of offers.
  • You will never run out of ideas for promotional offers again with this Email Promo Idea Factory module - with enough ideas to last for a year, plus variations to last indefinitely, this is a resource that you will use over and over again!

Want a quick look?

Here is one of the 52 ideas that you will discover in just a few minutes...

Idea #16: Retire Or Semi-Retire A Product.

Nothing spurs sales like scarcity. That’s why you may want to consider retiring or at least semi-retiring a product, by removing it completely from the market for as little as a few months to forever.

Tip: Be sure to focus on the scarcity and run this promo for a few weeks before you retire the product.

Here are examples of how to put this idea to work. You might say:

  1. This is the last time I’m ever going to offer this live workshop, so order now!
  2. The is going off the market completely in two weeks, so be sure to claim your copy of this package now before it’s too late.
  3. I’m taking this software off the market for the next six months to tweak it, revamp it and make it more powerful than ever. Order now to start using it today – and you’ll get a free upgrade when the new version comes out!

I think you'll agree there is already a lot packed into these four Email Marketing Game Plan modules and they should instantly give you absolutely everything you need to create high-response, revenue-generating emails.

... But I want to make it even easier for you by including some additional high value extra bonus items for free...

Order Today And You'll Also
Get These Highly Effective
Bonus Email Marketing Tools
With My Compliments...

Bonus 1: Fast Start Tool Kit (Including Checklists, Worksheets & Extra Monetization Report).


We keep saying the fortune is in the list. Indeed, it might surprise you to discover that there are actually a variety of ways to extract this fortune out of your list.

Selling your own products or services tops this list, and it’s the method most people associate with making money with email marketing.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And the more money-making methods you know, the more strategies you have to test to see which brings you the most profit.

In this 30-page bonus, you will receive a selection of "in-house" resources that are sure to help you get your promotions to payoff! Included is a "monetization report" that showcases six ways to earn money with your list.

Bonus 2: Follow Up Fast-Track - A Collection Of Fill In The Blanks Email Templates


It’s no secret that conversion rates are low when you’re trying to persuade cold prospects to buy your product. That’s one reason so many savvy marketers entice prospects onto mailing lists with freebies, and then follow-up with three, five, seven or more emails to build trust and close the sale.

But if you’ve ever created an autoresponder series with the goal of directly selling a product, then you know it’s no walk in the park. It takes a little finesse to pitch products in a way that seems useful, rather than just giving your readers that uncomfortable feeling that they’re being “sold to.”

That’s where these five “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates come in – which you can use to write your autoresponder series, build trust with your subscribers, and start closing more sales.

So give these follow-up templates a try starting today, and see if they don’t give a boost to your conversion rates!

Bonus 3: How To Set Up Your Email Marketing To Work Like An Internet Vending Machine


Think of your typical vending machine:

The vendor puts something into the machine, such as chips, soda, candy or even toys. Then each week the vendor goes to his machine and takes something out (money).

It’s simple and profitable. A good mailing list works the same way:

You put something in – such as good content – and
you’ll get to take something out (like money).

However, the notion of “good content” is where a lot of beginning (or even veteran!) newsletter publishers stumble. They pump out newsletter after newsletter to their list, but they don’t get any sales. Indeed, sometimes the only thing they get is a shrinking list as their prospects hit the “unsubscribe” button.

So what, exactly, is good content?

It’s useful content that works to build relationships with your subscribers while also giving you the ability to recommend paid products and services.

Within this bonus module you’ll get step-by-step instructions for creating five more different types of “good content” templates for your regular weekly emails, including:

  • The News-Centered Mailing, which rides the coattails of a current news story or event.
  • The Greatest Hits Mailing, which is where you point your readers to some of your best content.
  • The What I Use Mailing. This mailing allows you to educate your readers while promoting paid offers.
  • The Contributor Mailing. This one works great to build solid relationships with your readers.
  • The Welcome Mailing. Here’s where you’ll learn how to start building relationships with your newest subscribers.

Put these fantastic follow-up mailing templates into action and you will quickly see many more subscribers getting "off the fence" and placing their orders after you have sent out your email newsletter broadcast.

Well there we have it, pretty much everything I have learnt about creating the most effective email marketing messages in my 14+ year Internet Marketing careeer all packed into one handy package.

It's all yours for the taking.

The bottom line is that if you sell anything via email, then this entire package will quickly become your 'secret weapon' for increasing your sales and growing your business faster than you (or any of your competitors), ever thought possible.

So let me ask you this:

What's It All Worth To You?

Tell me, what is ONE good lifetime customer worth to you?

I’m talking about someone who’ll buy multiple products from you over several years.

If you’re like most savvy internet business owners, then you'll probably already know that one good customer is worth at least a couple of hundred bucks to you. Or, if they’re buying high-end products from you, then that one customer could add literally thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

That means that if what you're about to discover in this course helps you engage just ONE person – meaning that one person opens your emails and starts buying what you’re selling – then this course, in real terms, is worth hundreds (if not thousands), of dollars to you.

But the good news is that you don’t need to pay $400 or $500 for this course (though it’s certainly worth it).

Because if you act now, you’ll get EVERYTHING you see on this page for just $97 – and when this course engages just one extra person on your mailing list, you can count on recouping your investment many times over.

Finally, if I have not already provided you with enough value and knowledge within the Email Marketing Game Plan package to help you catapult your business already, let me add just one more high-value bonus before we get to the bottom of the page.

Fast Action Bonus: THE L.I.S.T. SYSTEM - How To Make Money With Simple Autoresponder Messages

This is a 150+ page curriculum that is actually available separately for $127. However If you order today, I'll also include it as another bonus at no extra charge!

In this extra training module you will discover ...

A Simple System For Using A Mini-Course To
Promote Products, Grow Your Mailing List And Make Money

Here’s how it works…

You set up a subscription page (also known as “landing page,” “opt-in page” or “squeeze page”) that entices your prospects to join your mailing list.

Once your prospect has subscribed, he’ll receive a five-part mini course.

These emails will accomplish two things:

  • Provide good content. This helps build trust with your subscribers. And building a good, trusting relationship helps you accomplish the second goal…
  • Promote paid products and services. Yes, this is where you make money. You can promote either your own products and services or you can promote affiliate offers.

Not only will you learn how to provide good content and promote products in your initial five-part email, you’ll also learn how to keep the cash rolling in long after the mini course is over.

Because, you see, you’re building an asset – a mailing list – that will pay you over and over again if you nurture it.

And your goal is to promote a variety of products to your list once your initial mini course is complete.

In this curriculum you will learn how to do everything... I call it The L.I.S.T. System.

  • Part #1: Layout – In this lesson you’ll learn the actual steps of how to create a high-converting opt-in page.
  • Part #2: Information – This is where you’ll learn how to create a high-converting, five-part email course.
  • Part #3: Strategy – In this lesson you’ll find out how to convert your prospects into customers, both now (during your five-part course) and later on when you create content for the coming weeks and months.
  • Part #4: Traffic – This is where you learn how to get targeted visitors to your opt-in page so that you can start building your list… and your bank account!

Every lesson is detailed with complete step-by-step instructions, so there’s no guesswork.

You’ll also have clear tasks and objectives to undertake at the end of each lesson, which will help you take action, hold yourself accountable and keep you moving forward.

All In, That's Over 375 Pages of Templates, Training,
Swipe Files & Bonuses Included Within This Amazing Package!

Use just ONE of the included resources just ONE time and you are almost certain to recoup your low investment in the Email Marketing Game Plan package. Everything else you earn from using it in the future will be FREE MONEY FOR YOU!

Review The Entire Email Marketing Game Plan In The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Put It Into Practice, Safe In The Knowledge That Your Investment Today Is Fully Covered By A 100% Full Satisfaction Guarantee

guarantee_14Download the entire Email Marketing Game Plan package today and feel safe in the knowledge that your purchase is FULLY COVERED by a unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Review the entire Email Marketing Game Plan package including all the modules and all the additional bonus items for the next 30 days. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, all you have to do is contact my support team within 30 days for a full and prompt refund.

No questions, No quibbles, No hoops to jump through. I can’t be fairer than that.

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I look forward to hearing from you in due course about the way you have put the Email Marketing Game Plan into action... and the fantastic results you're soon to start seeing as a result.

To your success

Nick James
Author: Email Marketing Game Plan

P.S. I can’t think of a better way to learn how to write irresistible emails than by picking up this course and email template set. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so order now!